Bill Foss guides, teaches and heals through his private sessions, workshops and books. Guided by Spirit through years of studying the Higher Mind, Spiritual Paths from around the world, Ancient Cultures, Healing and the Arts, Bill brings through today spiritual precepts from ancient times in a clear and concise way to help you unlock the “Secrets of Spiritual Success”.

Hear new insights and experiences of your soul’s journey and information to help you move forward in life more easily from the fantastic new book “Journey to the Akashic Records”.

A way station for all souls who have ever come to the earth plane, vastly rich and vivid with information if you know how to get there and use it. Experience new insights, energy techniques, life path and past life information, healing and clearing in an Akashic Reading session with Bill as you Journey into the Akashic Records together!

Bill has taught and presented in Austria, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and across the US, including New York, LA, Dallas, Nashville, Sedona, Phoenix, Seattle, and Portland, and Florida to name a few, working with groups in workshops and individuals in private sessions.

Bill offers You:

  • Intuitive / Psychic Counseling and Practical guidance
  • Deep spiritual insights from ancient precepts and the Masters
  • Meditation and energy techniques to move forward in life
  • Emotional Healing • Energetic Clearing • Childhood Healing & Release
  • Information from the Akashic Records and teaching You how to access the Records

Bill is available for Akashic Records Classes • Book Signings • Akashic Records/Psychic Readings • Energy & Medical Intuitive Healings • Chakra Activations • Shamanic Akashic Sessions and House Clearings.

Come join Bill for a Workshop, Class or a Personal Session.

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